What’s on?

Busy Bee June 30

Our traditional busy bee is scheduled for June 30 from 8-12am. Besides the regular maintenance work we’d like to start changing some rooms to accommodate better the different groups we have in church (children etc.). More plans will be rolled out which may require ‘extra busy bees’ or perhaps Community Saturdays. Our Church building needs an overhaul in many areas and we are looking for more hands to make that possible.

Please reach out to us to talk what this is about.

Teaching series Romans & The simplicity of Good News


As of April 8 we kick off with a new teaching series called ‘Romans for you!’.  During the Fall season we are going to explore the letter to the Romans which is a very beautiful and important book. Last year we covered the gospel of John. Now we would like to focus on the gospel, salvation and what it means for us today. It’s going to be fun, challenging at times, but rewarding for sure. I encourage you to read Romans a few times throughout the coming weeks. A great tool that I like to use is the video series of ‘The Bible Project’. The videos related to Romans are here…

More info will follow on the first Sunday we start.

Contact us at dianellanazarene@gmail.com for more info if you still have questions about something.