What’s on?


On September 30 and October 28 we are going to have 2 baptism services in Dianella. We have decided to organize it in church so that everyone can be part of this great celebration. If you want to get baptized, please contact Ps. Patrick and he will fill you in on the details.

ANWD Assembly 2019 in WA

From January 9-13 our church family will have its annual district assembly and this time it will be in WA.

Click this link to register… https://goo.gl/forms/PUFEbdPmWAgtAI2m1

The ANWD is offering a huge discount for all who register early so please disseminate this information to all within your circles of care as often as possible. We are keen to remove any financial obstacles to participation in this amazing time of celebration, discipleship and fun. Just as we experienced last January, we anticipate this to be a beautiful time of building relationships with each other and God as well as coming together in unity for the vision of the ANWD’s participation in God’s Kingdom mission to make our church, our communities and our country new again! 

Early bird registration is till October 1, so you want to be quick to secure your place.

If you are keen to find out more about the venue