Love In Action – For Parents

Being a parent is a big challenge and sometimes you might think that you are alone in raising your child. Perhaps you have been struggling with parenting or you need good parenting tools that are practical and specific. 

Love In Action can help!

Triple P can be a great way of doing exactly that. Helping you by empowering you in your specific situation to parent your child according to your needs. We endorse Triple P as a very valid method of parenting children. Many organizations use Triple P as their preferred way of assisting parents.

Triple pOur practitioner and Triple P coach is Janine Viola van der Plaat. She is planning to offer Triple P courses to the community in and around Dianella starting in February 2019.

Check out the video below from Matthew Sanders, the founder of Triple P, who gives a further explanation of what Triple P is all about. Or check out THIS FACT SHEET with more info about Triple P.

Interested? Just let us know your contact details and we’ll tell you more about it!