Our Lord commanded us to follow Him and baptism is a great start in that journey. So, join us in this great celebration as some believers are responding to this great privilege.

Would you like to get baptized? Contact us and we’ll set you up for an interview with Ps. Patrick who will tell you all about it.


Our Lord calls us to follow Him. He is our Master and we are learning from Him what it means to become like Him. That is what the Master’s Plan is all about. Last year we explored in the first course what it means to find our identity in Christ and how that changes everything.

In this course called “Growing Deeper” we continue that journey and explore what it means to build on that identity in Him to know God more. It’s about intimacy, relationship and spiritual growth.

In 12 weeks we’ll explore topics such as prayer, fasting, meditation, study and much more that will help us to grow deeper roots in God.

The Master’s Plan

On May 7 we kicked off the introduction night to the Master’s Plan. The Master’s Plan is about becoming like Jesus in our walk and talk. In the first course of 13 weeks we’ll discover what it means to live a Kingdom Identity. Knowing Jesus leads to knowing who we really are. It’s the most liberating place to live from.

If you are interested still, let us know as soon as possible by filling out this contact form and we’ll get back to you!