301 – Real Life Discipleship

When Jesus gave the Great Commandment in Matthew 28 to go and make disciples, they knew what to do. Not so anymore. Often Christians are wondering how to grow as Christian themselves, let alone disciple others.

Yet, we do understand that making disciples is plan A of the church. There is simply no plan B, but often Christians get stuck, discouraged or try to do discipleship on their own, longing that there was some feedback, mentoring and direction in all this.

This course aims at giving a clear vision for disciple-making. It gives you a framework to work with. Disciple-making becomes more intentional, relational and reproducible. You’ll learn hands-on skills like sharing your personal testimony or how to answer common questions of seekers. You can use this no matter what your personal and ministerial context is. The course aims not just for head knowledge, but also for hands-on practice. Whether you are considering opening up your home for a small group as a facilitator (or even lead a group of your own), or you are wondering how you could be more intentional/relational in making disciples of your children or perhaps having a faith conversation with a colleague or mate…this course is really helpful. 301 Real Life Discipleship is an eleven-week course given in an online cohort model. Requirements for this course: 101 Kingdom Identity and 201 Growing Deeper

The course is as followed:

Lesson 1 – A heart to make disciples

Lesson 2 – What is a disciple?

Lesson 3 – How disciples grow

Lesson 4 – Three keys to making disciples

Lesson 5 – How to be an intentional leader

Lesson 6 – A closer look at a relational environment

Lesson 7 – A closer look at the reproducible process

Lesson 8 – SHARE: being intentional with the spiritually dead and spiritual infants

Lesson 9 – CONNECT: helping spiritual children grow

Lesson 10 – MINISTER: helping young adults help others

Lesson 11 – DISCIPLE: being intentional with spiritual parents

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