The Master’s Plan


Do you desire to grow as a Christian?

Do you want to be everything that God called you to be?

Have you run the Christian race, but often without anyone that could guide you?

If that is you, then the Master’s Plan could be your next step in life!

What is the Master’s Plan?

The Master’s Plan is a one-year spiritual journey divided into four modules or stages where you will learn what it means to follow Jesus in the context of hands-on and practical learning in groups. Being His follower, means first and foremost that you become like the Master.

The building blocks of the journey are:

101 Kingdom Identity

201 Growing Deeper

301 Real Life Discipleship

401 The Silence Breakers**

** Please note that 401 The Silence Breakers is a special module that can be done as part of the whole Master’s Plan process or as a stand-alone course.

How does it work?

The first module can be done online in small cohorts of 6 people. We’ll go through the fundamental concepts of the Gospel, identity, Kingdom, sin, justification, born again, repentance, sanctification, the Holy Spirit, etc. More info about Kingdom Identity you can find here >>>>>>

The second module can also be done online in the cohort model. We’ll especially explore the spiritual disciplines, particularly prayer, and work out a specific and strategic plan together. It’s where we build upon our identity in Christ and further explore what that means in our daily walk with the Lord. The primary resources that will be used for this course is “The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible study” and “Sacred Rhythms” as well as some material I wrote myself.  More info about Growing Deeper you can find here >>>>>>>

In the third module, which is also an online cohort, we’ll deep dive into important aspects of being and making disciples. You will be equipped in making disciples in practical ways. The course is practical, interactive and hands-on. We have adopted the material of “Real Life Discipleship Training Manual” which is a course material written by Jim Putman and others. More info about Growing Deeper you can find here >>>>>>>>

In the fourth module, we’ll apply what we’ve learned and go out in the power of the Holy Spirit to make disciples. The course is called “Silence Breakers” and it is a video course that can be done in couples or small groups. It has interactive material, activation exercises (personal and group) and it really inspires and equips you to go out into this broken world and make Christlike disciples. More info about Silence Breakers you can find here >>>>>>>>

Who benefits from the Master’s Plan?

The Master’s Plan is aimed at people of all ages, but particularly young adults and adults will benefit from it. We do have some teens that participate in the Master’s Plan and they are doing well.

The Master’s Plan is currently given online through Zoom due to the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak. Under normal circumstances, this course is given face to face in Dianella Church of the Nazarene. Yet, there is a huge demand for mentoring, discipleship and hands-on training. The Master’s Plan provides a discipleship process where anyone can learn to become a follower of Christ.

What is the online cohort model all about?

Basically we hang out together in Zoom where there is room for teaching, questions, follow up, exercises and much more. Each cohort requires a minimum of 6 students that will commit themselves to the process. There are weekly Zoom meetings as well as activities that need to be done in pairs or individually.

What does the Master’s Plan cost me?

The courses are free of charge. However, the training materials need to be purchased to be able to follow the courses. For 101 Kingdom Identity I have developed the training material myself. You can order it by sending me an email or simply fill out the form below with your request. Cost is $10. For 201 Growing Deeper you only need to buy the participant guide of “Battle Plan of Prayer Bible Study” that can be ordered at your bookstore of choice. In 301 Real Life Discipleship there is also a training manual that you can order either in paperback or e-book via your preferred bookstore. 401 Silence Breakers does not have any costs at all. The biggest investment here is your time and efforts.

Still interested but you want to check out more?

Perhaps you’d like to know more about the Master’s Plan. I encourage you to check out the Introduction lesson of Kingdom Identity” which is part of the program of a typical encounter to get an idea. All lessons are accompanied by a Student Manual with exercises, questions and follow up for small groups as well as general outlines for the teachings of each lesson.


For the Introduction lesson, you can also download the sample lesson from the Student Guide. It will give you a good idea of how the course works.

Master’s Plan Student Guide Sample CLICK HERE!