The Master’s Plan


Do you desire to grow as a Christian?

Do you want to be everything that God called you to be?

Have you run the Christian race, but often without anyone that could guide you?

If that is you, then the Master’s Plan could be your next step in life!

What is the Master’s Plan?

The Master’s Plan is a one-year spiritual journey divided into four modules or stages where you will learn what it means to follow Jesus. Being His follower, means first and foremost that you become like the Master. The first module “Kingdom Identity” is exactly about that.

I wrote the module Kingdom Identity partly because it describes also my journey as a follower of Christ. Many of the stories that you can watch on our YouTube Channel will give you insights into how important it is to find your identity truly in Christ.

Who benefits?

The Master’s Plan is aimed at people of all ages, but particularly young adults and adults will benefit from it. We do have some teens that participate in the Master’s Plan and they are doing well.

Still interested but you want to check out more?

Perhaps you’d like to know more about the Master’s Plan. I encourage you to check out the Introduction lesson which is part of the program of a typical encounter to get an idea. All lessons are accompanied by a Student Manual with exercises, questions and follow up for small groups as well as general outlines for the teachings of each lesson.


For the Introduction lesson, you can also download the sample lesson from the Student Guide. It will give you a good idea of how the course works.

Master’s Plan Student Guide Sample CLICK HERE!

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