Next Steps

In Dianella Nazarene Church we are all on a journey together to become more like Jesus. Wherever you are in that journey, we would like to help. Our job as a church is to equip you for ministry.

We’ve identified a few simple steps that every person (member or not) can take.

  1. Becoming a member of our church family
  2. Getting baptized
  3. Get equipped for disciple-making
  4. Getting involved in ministry
  5. Getting involved in Love in Action

People come to Dianella for different reasons. It is very important to not do the faith journey by yourself. Whether you’d like to become a member or want to get baptized, we are helping you along the way to find your place in church. We also believe that equipping is vital for ministry, mission and leadership and again we offer courses and training that will help you thrive.


We are happy to explain each step to you in more detail. Perhaps you sense that God is using your gifts and talents in ways that we have not yet seen in our church and you wonder if there is space for that. If that is you, do contact us and we are happy to hear from you.

Contact ps. Patrick at for further information.