The mission of God is why the church exists. The church does not have a mission, but the mission has a church.

Dianella Nazarene Church exists because God has a mission here. We have defined it very simple: LOVE GOD, LOVER OTHERS AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

This is not new or original, but we believe it is the very foundation of being a Christian.

Missions can be done in many different ways. We contribute financially, we pray to give support and we go as God has sent US as missionaries wherever we are.

Supporting mission is the very heart of the church. For some that support may look like going on a missions trip abroad. Others may know already a missionary or project that needs financial or prayer support.

All of us are missional agents alerting people to God’s Kingdom that is here and now. We also call that Love in Action. More information about that you can find HERE>>>

We also support missionary projects all around the world and here in Perth. Find out what we do>>>