Love in Action

Love in Action is all about showing God’s love in tangible ways to people around us. We are a church in Perth and for Perth first of all. That is ‘our Jerusalem’. Jesus taught us to love our neighbour, but what does that really mean?

How do you proclaim and demonstrate His love for all people?

Love in Action is not ‘just’ a ministry initiative. It is rather a lifestyle of being on Mission with God and with each other in the neighbourhood, school, marketplace etc.. We seek to work with other churches as we are one body to seek and save lost people while at the same time we meet real needs. Sometimes that may be visiting and establishing relationships with the elderly in a retired village. Other times it may be encouraging people in a creative and symbolical way on the streets. It can look different because God is creative and He gave us creativity to express that as well.

We believe in Social Justice, Peace-Making and Kingdom values as the core of who we are as Christians. For us it is not about getting people to pray a ‘sinner’s prayer’ or securing a place in heaven. It is about Kingdom Transformation, because in God’s Kingdom there is justice, peace and unity.

We welcome you to join us if this is also on your heart. We are in a starting phase of rolling out ‘projects’ that will enable ordinary Christians to do ‘extraordinary things’ with God (not for GOD!! big difference…). We believe that Perth desperately needs Jesus, but we need to come to terms with petty differences between churches while we seek to also work with organizations and people that are already out there with a similar hearts and minds.

Would like to know more? Contact us and we’ll tell you all about it…