Life Groups

Where life is happening together...

Life is supposed to be lived together. We strongly believe that the fellowship, spiritual growth. It’s when loving God and others become tangible and where the church comes home. 

Our Life Groups run during the four school terms for 10 weeks. Groups are free to meet up on a day that is convenient for them. The format is not rigid or programmatic. Rather, we want to give everyone the opportunity to explore more together. Usually a meal is involved. 

The content roughly follows the sermons preached on Sundays that are also made available on-line for people to listen to (again) and to digest. Often people would like to go a bit deeper but the format of the Sunday service makes it harder for questions, discussions, and exploring practical ways of living out the Word in the daily stuff of life.

Interested? Check out what’s on and where and when you can connect with one of our Life Groups.