From Thursday July 15 to Saturday July 17, 2021 9-3 pm we will have our Winter Holiday Club. This year’s theme is ROAR! Life’s wild, God is good! ** video teaser is for promotional purposes only. Our setting may be a little different from this video. Children between 5-12 years
In 2019 we started with our first group in the discipleship program called “The Master’s Plan”. For 12 weeks we ate together, laughed together, cried together, learned together and prayed together. In 2021 we would like to start a second group again. In the first course called “Kingdom Identity” you will
Revelation for you is now available on Amazon. This short bible study covers the big topics of this mysterious, yet encouraging book, such as: What does Jesus’ presence look like today? How must believers overcome struggle? What is the invisible nature of evil. This manual can be used individually or
Starting on Sunday May 23, we will kick off a new sermon series on the Book of Revelation. Besides the seven sermons we will also study the book in a small group. This will happen for eight weeks on a Wednesday evening.Location: Dianella Church of the Nazarene, 131 Hayes Avenue
The end is near…right? In times of trouble, such as ours, that’s what you often hear. One particular book in the Bible talks about the END. But it comes with a lot of other stuff attached…Dragons. Beasts from the earth and sea. Seals, Trumpets, bowls. Dreams and visions. The Bible