Let’s wrap things up. Faith works. It really does. In James chapter one we understand that faith works when it is tested, especially under trials and temptations. Then in chapter 2 James continues showing how faith works as the litmus test of faith is an active faith that shows. Let’s
People are sometimes funny ‘creatures’. What gives people often security? Well, one thing for sure is that they tend to think in terms of boxes or categories. It’s often black or white. It’s this or it’s that. This happened to the community that James is addressing his letter as well.
In the last blog series on ‘Under Pressure’ I wrote about temptations. Both trials (hardships, difficult times in life) and temptations are tests in life. Trials have the potential to draw us closer to God if approached with joy, patience, humility and expectation that God will get us through. Temptations
What’s your life about? Big question, right? Well, I got that question recently in a very surprising way. Let me explain. Not so long ago my oldest daughter Rebecca interviewed me. This was part of an assignment she had. It was actually very cute how she did it. One day
We are almost there. Two more to go… POINT #6 IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING AN OVERCOMER IN THE MIDST OF TRIALS AND TEMPTATIONS, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF GOD’S TRUE NATURE Have you ever been in a conversation with a person and suddenly, for no