F.A.I.T.H. OR F.E.A.R.? Yesterday I posted a short video on Facebook. I said that in times of fear and panic it is so important to keep the faith. But what does that mean? Well the first component of faith is to have the right focus. Stay focused on Christ, not
In my previous blog I wrote about the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Jesus foundational story for a good understanding is the parable of the 4 soils. Then Jesus makes an interesting move in the following story that is still connected to the first one. It answers the question,
Advance Australia Fair. These are the words of the National Anthem of Australia. January 26 is Australia Day. We celebrate a relatively new nation that can rightfully pride itself in beauty, diversity and prosperity. At the same time, Australia is all over the news in the world for what has
Let’s wrap things up. Faith works. It really does. In James chapter one we understand that faith works when it is tested, especially under trials and temptations. Then in chapter 2 James continues showing how faith works as the litmus test of faith is an active faith that shows. Let’s
People are sometimes funny ‘creatures’. What gives people often security? Well, one thing for sure is that they tend to think in terms of boxes or categories. It’s often black or white. It’s this or it’s that. This happened to the community that James is addressing his letter as well.