201 – Growing Deeper

It’s one thing to know who you are in Christ, yet, it’s another reality to live by that new reality 24/7. God’s grace transforms us as we position ourselves before Him. The Master’s Plan is about becoming like our Master, Jesus Christ. We can never do ministry and short-cutting this step. Growing Deeper is about the invitation of Jesus to abide in Him. We’ll especially explore the spiritual discipline of prayer, but other disciplines such as solitude, silence, fasting, keeping a (prayer) journal, Sabbath, transparency and much more will be discussed and practiced together.  The word discipline usually triggers different things in different people, but we all understand that growing in Christ does require a response on our end. Growing Deeper is given in an online cohort model in 12 weeks.

In Growing Deeper we are blending the content of two existing courses and some own material into one unified experience. More information about the course material that we have adopted you can in the promo videos below.



Requirement for enrolling in this course: 101 Kingdom Identity

The course outline is as following: 

Lesson 1 – Come in please Growing Deeper Student manual sample

Lesson 2 – Creating Space

Lesson 3 – Devoted to Prayer

Lesson 4 – Scheduled and Spontaneous Prayer

Lesson 5 – Types of Prayer

Lesson 6 – Locks and Keys of Prayer

Lesson 7 – Spiritual Warfare

Lesson 8 – Praying in Faith

Lesson 9 – Praying Specifically and Strategically

Lesson 10 – Prayer Strategies

Lesson 11 – The Art of Rest

Lesson 12 – Spiritual Friendship