101 – Kingdom Identity


Everything starts with who you are; your identity of a child of God. Kingdom Identity is about understanding and living out the implications of the Good News of the Kingdom. After all, you can’t give something you don’t have yourself to others. The Good News first needs to be shaped in you, before it will affect others. Besides the Gospel story, we’ll cover other topic such as freedom, renewing the mind, created value, destiny, spiritual warfare, intimacy with God and more.

Course Outline: 

Introduction to Kingdom Identity 
Lesson 1 – Good News?!
Lesson 2 – Back to the Beginnings
Lesson 3 – Going to the Root Cause
Lesson 4 – Too good to be true
Lesson 5 – Freedom I can believe in
Lesson 6 – Dr. Jekyll meets Mr. Hyde
Lesson 7 – Killing Dr. Jekyll (and Mr. Hyde)
Lesson 8 – Grace meets Faith
Lesson 9 – Knowing the Spirit
Lesson 10 – Clash of Clans
Lesson 11 – Renewed, not recycled please
Lesson 12 – Let’s Bring it Home

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Master’s Plan Student Guide Sample

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